Your garment is designed from scratch and made to order using our premier team of designers and pattern makers. Great for teams that want a truly one-of-a-kind look, and have greater flexibility with budget and time frame!

12-18 WEEKS /// $200+ /// ORDERS OF 5 OR MORE

Service Comparison:

Free Design
design 12-18
Starting At
5 Varies with
90 minutes $75/Hour
Modify 4-10 Weeks Starting at $75 5 On 5 or More 45 Minutes $75/Hour
Shop 2-8 Weeks Starting at $20 1 On 5 or More N/A N/A

The Line Up listens to our ideas and turns them into reality. Every costume we have from them is more than we imagined because of how progressive they are in the industry, their ability to push the creativity and respond to our needs. We know we’re getting a thoughtful, high quality and functional garment – our girls always feel confident performing in TLU costumes!

– Alysia UlfersUniversity of St. Thomas Dance Team Coach


Creating a premier design takes collaboration and teamwork to insure you love your one-of-a-kind look! This step-by-step guide walks you through the process from design to final performance.


WEEK 1-2

The first step is for you to gather your inspiration. Providing us with most information up front ensures we can fully bring your vision to life!

DESIGN IDEAS Send us your theme, music, design inspiration, colors and fabric preferences! Inspiration photos are key to helping us understand your vision. Check out the following resources:

DESIGN KIT Complete the Design Kit and send it to us. It includes questions about your preferences and there’s a spot for you to sketch your ideas. Download Design Kit >>>

BUDGET & TIME FRAME Provide us with your budget and final performance date. This will ensure that we stay focused on creating designs that will fit within your budget, and make sure we stay on track to meet your deadline.

University of St. Thomas Dance Team used this image of Ronda Rousey for inspiration for their jazz costume!


WEEK 3-5

In this step we collaborate on the design!

DESIGN CONSULTATION We’ll get together and chat about what you want! Your designated Account Manager will set up a brief time to meet in person or talk on the phone. We want to be very clear about your vision before we start designing. Together we’ll review the information you sent and ask clarifying questions.*

design illustration Your Product Designer will illustrate up to 3 designs based on your ideas. We’ll send these to you within one week, along with fabric swatches and colors for your consideration.

design feedback We will send you the designs and set up a call to walk you through the details. This is the best time to give feedback, ask questions, and confirm that we are on the right track. If you have any revisions, we’ll update the designs and send them back to you for approval. We want to ensure we’ve included everything you are envisioning before moving on to pricing!*

*We understand there are times you might change your mind about the look you are seeking and want to redesign. We are always happy to work with you, just keep in mind that the first 90 minutes of design time are free. Additional design services will be billed $75.00 per hour. Your Account Manager will discuss this with you before proceeding with the redesign.



This step is all about confirming your order and the price of your garment.

PRICING We always strive to design within your budget, but because your design is custom to you, it requires custom pricing. Once you approve your design, our pricing and production teams meet to determine the cost and how the garments will be constructed. Your Account Manager will send a price quote along with an Account Confirmation Form to you within 1–3 days.

Confirmation It’s time to sign the Account Confirmation Form and return it to us. This form confirms the price of your garment and provides a project schedule. If we work together to meet all the deadlines in the project schedule, we can ensure we meet your delivery date.

payment A 50% deposit secures your delivery date and is due within one week of signing your Account Confirmation Form. If your payment is not received on time, your delivery dates will be adjusted. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Check
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Pay Pal
  • Purchase Order*

*If you are a College or High School and need to make your payment with a Purchase Order, let your Account Manager know. Our billing office will be in contact with you to get more information.


WEEK 7-10

Once the design is confirmed by you, a sample garment (prototype) is created to ensure you love everything about your new look!

SCHEDULING & PRODUCTION It takes 2–4 weeks to create your prototype. We’ll be busy building your garment – patterning, cutting, sewing and embellishing your prototype. We try all samples on our fit model as a final check before sending to you. Your Account Manager will provide you with an estimated ship date. Time frame will vary based on the following:

  • Complexity of design
  • Availability of fabrics and materials
  • Openings in our prototype schedule (Plan ahead July to November. Schedules fill up fast during this popular time of year.)



WEEK 11-12

Once you get your Prototype, we’ll need your help with a few things. Use this sample garment to check the fit and design, and as your sizing guide.

PROTOTYPE KIT Your Prototype includes a kit with a list of questions to identify any feedback you may have. This kit must be completed and returned with your Prototype. Be sure to:

  • Check the fit: Try the garment on as many people as possible! Be sure to move in it and perform your choreography. If you have questions or concerns, send us pictures and we’ll help you find a solution.
  • Check the design: Look at the garment from a distance and up close to make sure your vision is achieved.
Download Prototype Kit >>>

measure your team For complete instructions on how to measure, refer to our Sizing and measuring guide.
  • Fill out the sizing chart provided, and e-mail the measurements to your Account Manager. Identify which team members the Prototype fits. We’ll use this information to help you size your team.
  • Have team members with special fit needs? No worries, we have custom sizing services for an additional fee.

return the prototype Return your Prototype promptly, otherwise your final delivery date will be delayed. We use it as our sewing sample, and cannot start production until it is received. Your original package will contain a return envelope and FedEx label. Return the Prototype and Prototype Kit by dropping it at your nearest fedex location.

prototype approval Once your Prototype is returned, it’s time to chat about any issues or changes.

  • If there are no changes, your order will go directly into production.
  • If you have small changes, we’ll do our best to make sure the Prototype is usable in the final order. However, additional fees may apply and this may cause a delay in your final delivery date.
  • If you have significant changes, we will need to make a second Prototype. We will need to renegotiate your final delivery date and it will add weeks to your order.


WEEK 12-16

Production begins once you have returned your Prototype, given final approval on your design, and confirmed sizes. Be sure you have the roster correct and everyone accounted for! Once we start production, your order is final and cannot be cancelled or changed. All of our garments are made-to-order in our Minnesota facilities by expert sewers and technicians. The Line Up carefully oversees all aspects of production and your Account Manager will be able to answer questions about your order as needed.



Get excited, your order is almost ready to ship! Final payment is due and we will do a final quality check on all the garments.

FINAL INVOICE If you made changes to your order and there is a balance due, a final invoice will be sent before production begins. If you have questions, contact your Account Manager or our Billing department. Payment is due 2 weeks before the order ships.

quality check Our team performs quality assurance checks at multiple stages of the production process, to ensure your order is created to specification. Your Account Manager and Product Designer will personally check each and every garment before they leave the building!

Shipping Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an e-mail with a tracking number! If you are picking up your garments at our Minnesota office, we will notify you for Will Call. Orders must be paid in full before they are shipped or picked up. If your order is being shipped, make sure someone is there to sign for the package. If you waive a signature, unfortunately we cannot be responsible for loss or theft!


Your order has arrived and it’s time to get ready for that much anticipated performance!

CHECK YOUR ORDER Open the box right away and have each team member try on their costume. You’ll want to make sure everyone looks their best before performance day!

Follow-up We’ll reach out to you to make sure you love everything about your new look. Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to call us!

performance day We love seeing it all come together for that final moment – your look, choreography, and passion! We welcome the opportunity to share these exciting moments – both with the hard-working team behind the scenes at The Line Up and with our friends – by sharing your story on our website! Your success is our success!

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