Heat transfer vinyl is an
alternative to embroidery
for lettering and logos! This
SOFT APPLIQUE is made of a
stretchable, plastic-like material
and can easily be applied to
most fabrics.

Color Options

Looking for a color or shape option not listed here? Give us a call! What's shown here represents what we keep in stock.
We have more color options available via special order (additional custom fees may apply).

Solid Black

Solid White

Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Glitter Black

Glitter White

Glitter Hologram Gold

Glitter Silver

Glitter Red

Glitter Cherry

Glitter Purple

Glitter Bright Royal

Glitter Kelly

vinyl Fonts

For lettering 1.5” high or larger. Choose from our standard font offerings below,
or contact us to use your custom font.




Accent Designs

Sublimate a team mascot or emblem - choose from one of our stock accent designs below
or contact us to use your own custom logo.*

*Additional design fees may apply for custom lettering & designs.


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